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questions about the site
questions about the studio
questions about the site
Why do I have to register to book tickets?
We need to know who is booking tickets with us for security purposes and so we can avoid lengthy delays at the recordings. It is also important that we have relevant contact details for all of our audience members in case we need to contact you prior to the record.

How do I know if I have got tickets?
TV Recordings allows you to book and print your tickets instantly online. Simply select the show required, the date you would like to attend and the number of tickets required and these will be instantly allocated to you and available to print online.

If you need to reprint your tickets simply click on 'My Account' and then 'My Tickets' - this will list the tickets you have currently booked and will be available to print.

I ordered tickets online but never received anything!
We don't send actual tickets out to you, instead tickets are printed online. Once you have entered your login details, click on the 'My Account' icon to view the tickets you currently have booked. This will allow you to print tickets as required. Please remember to print a copy of the ticket for each member of your party to insure everyone in your group is familiar with the terms and conditions. If you have problems printing your ticket please email us at

Is entry guaranteed?
Due to the nature of distributing free audience tickets we are committed to over-subscription to account for the inevitable no shows that occur. Entrance is on a strictly first-come-first-served basis on the day of the recording. The vast majority of ticket holders will be admitted however if guests do have to be turned away they will be offered a priority ticket for a future TV Recordings show guaranteeing entry.

What is a priority ticket?
Priority tickets guarantee entry to the show providing the holder arrives before the listed priority cut off point. On arrival priority ticket holders can walk straight to the front of the queue. After the priority cut off time (as stated on the ticket) the ticket reverts back to a standard entry ticket and holders will have to join the back of the queue

Priority tickets are generally only allocated to guests who have been turned away from a previous show or are coming to the show under special circumstances.

Can you let me know about new shows?
Whenever a new show is released which we think you will be interested in we will send an email out with a link to book tickets. Please make sure your detail are kept up to date my clicking on the 'My Account' link and then 'My Details'.

Do you ever have tickets for shows outside of London?
At present we only supply tickets for shows in and around the London area, however this may change in the future so it is best to regularly check online.

We are traveling to London just for the show?
If you are travelling a long way to the recording please email us at and we will try to assist you as much as possible with getting to the studio.

Do all studios have disabled access?
The vast majority of studios do have disabled access and we will always do our best to accommodate your needs. We can reserve car parking spaces at studios for disabled guests if required. We can also give disabled guests priority entry if queuing is problematic. If you are disabled and wish to attend a show we need to be notified in advance so we can make any special arrangements required. Please email us at stating: your name; the name your tickets are booked under; the nature of your disability and what assistance you require. If you are a wheelchair user please state whether you are able to be transferred from your chair to an audience seat. If you require a disabled parking space please state your car's make, model and number plate so on can be reserved.

Do show dates ever change?
Very rarely show dates or times may have to change. If this does happen will do our very best to contact you so ensure your details are kept up to date on the 'My Account' - 'My Details' section of the site.

Should I ever pay for tickets?
All tickets to TV and Radio shows are completely free. You should never pay for tickets for any of our shows from a third party because they will not have your own personal details and you will not be allowed entry. If you see tickets for sale on auction websites please email us so we can take further action against the seller.

How old do I have to be to attend the recording?
For the vast majority of our shows audience members have to be aged 16 and over. For shows tailored towards a more adult audience the age limit maybe increased to 18 however this will be stated on the ticket booking page.

What should I bring to the show?
A copy of the ticket should be printed for each member of your party. Each member of your party should also bring identification of some kind with them especially if they appear under 16. It is important to note that for some shows audience members may be required to wait outside before the studio doors open so warm clothing is recommended, especially in the winter months. Audience members should also avoid bringing large items with them as there may not be ample storage space outside the studio.

Do you know who the guests are going to be on my favourite show?
TV Recordings will try to keep you as informed as possible about who the guests are for a particular show but in some situations the production team like to keep it a surprise.

What is a reserve list?
When a show is fully allocated we open a reserve list. This is a list of people who will be contacted if return tickets become available.

What are return tickets?
In the days just before a recording people who have previously booked may have to cancel their tickets meaning that returns may become available. We may also find that the production team may release more studio seats which we can allocate.

questions about the studio

What actually happens at the studio?
Upon arrival, audience members may have to queue outside the studio until the doors are opened. We attempt to make this period as short as possible and but audience members should be aware that for the more popular shows waiting times may be longer. Please note that all your party must join the queue at the same time. If any of your party arrives late they will not be allowed to join you in the queue and will be asked to join the back.

Once the doors are opened priority ticket holders will be let into the studio first followed by standard entry ticket holders. Studio seats are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Audience members will have a numbered show sticker attached to their ticket until our initial allocation is distributed. A numbered show sticker guarantees entry to the studio. After the initial allocation of tickets is complete we move to Standby show stickers. For all shows we always under allocate guaranteed seats to account for production guests and last minute seating changes. Standby ticket holders will be allocated the seats to bring the studio audience to capacity. Please note, standby stickers do note guarantee entry. Ticket holders without either a numbered show sticker or a standby sticker will not be aloud entry to the studio.

Can I choose where I sit in the studio?
Audience members are brought through to the studio in groups depending on the number on the allocated show sticker. Once inside the studio guests are seated by the ushers but we will try as much as possible to sit groups of friends together.

What time should I arrive at the studio?
It is very difficult to predict a suitable time to arrive at the studio. Entry is on a strictly-first-come-first-served basis so it is advisable to arrive as early as possible. For the most popular shows audience members have arrived up to three hours before the stated doors opening time.

Will I be able to meet the stars?
Even though the stars love to meet their fans, it is often difficult because of the time constraints of television and radio production to do so. You may be able to get and autograph and such but this is not something TV Recordings can guarantee.

How do I get to the studio?
Details of how to find all of the TV studios used by TV Recordings can be found in studio locations.

Will refreshments be provided?
For some shows drinks are provided but guests should ensure they eat before arriving at the studio.

Can I take photos?
No photographic devices of any kind should be taken into the studio. Any guest found to be taking photos will be removed from the studio and have any photo's taken destroyed.

Can I use my phone in the studio?
Unfortunately phones have to remain switched off in the studio. This is due to the interference they can create with the studio equipment.

How long does it take the show to record?
It is difficult to give an exact time for a recording because it can chance from week to week. Generally a live show will take the length of the program plus about half an hour to cover the set up and de-rig. Pre-recorded shows are more difficult to estimate but generally take around two hours.

Guests should be aware that if they leave the studio during the recording they may not be readmitted.

Can I park at the studio?
Most studios do not unfortunately offer car parking. If you have concerns over where to park simply email us at and we will try to assist you.

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